Gifting Bouquet Preservation

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Flowers are feelings! All the memorable moments in our lives are accented with flowers... weddings, births, celebrations of life, and so many more. Gifting bouquet preservation to a loved one is a gift of an everlasting memory in physical form. 

Have you ever smelt or felt something that has triggered a memory? Our goal at Ivy + Eve is to spark that rush of feelings, to encase a precious moment in time forever. We will work with your loved one to customize a piece that is a true reflection of the love and feelings surrounding their special event.

Bouquet Preservation is available to all of Canada.

Gifting Options:

We offer two options for gifting your Ivy + Eve Bouquet Preservation experience; email and a certificate package. 

Email - this option is free, you provide us with your loved one's email and date you would like us to contact them and we coordinate the rest! Your loved one will receive a beautiful email explaining the preservation process and a digital brochure with our keepsake options.  

Certificate Package + Email - for an additional $12.00 we can provide you with a Certificate Package as well as email communication! This package will include information about Ivy + Eve and an introduction into the bouquet preservation experience. We can ship this certificate package to you or directly to your loved one, depending on how you would like to present the gift. This package includes shipping (additional fees may apply if expedited shipping is required). 

How does it work?

After purchasing an Ivy + Eve gift certificate, you will receive an email from us requesting more information about your loved one's event. This allows us to personalize their bouquet preservation experience! Depending on which option you have selected, we will send the Certificate Package and/or email to your loved one on an agreed date. We suggest that you gift the certificate package to your loved one no later than four weeks before their event. This allows us time to contact your loved one and coordinate bouquet collection.

We will then coordinate with your loved one to customize their bouquet preservation and deliver the final piece(s) to them within 6-12 weeks.

How much does bouquet preservation cost?

Preservation of a full bouquet can cost anywhere from $250 - $500 for one piece (depending on the size), but we also offer smaller items for around $100. When gifting bouquet preservation, we recommend any value over $100 that your loved one can use towards creating a piece that will last a lifetime! 


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