About Us

A little about us...

Our names are Lauren and Madison - we are best friends and the founders of Ivy + Eve. We've dreamed of creating and building something purposeful together ever since we met back in 2015.

The seeds for Ivy + Eve were planted following Lauren's engagement in July 2018... she wanted to make DIY vow books for her upcoming wedding and quickly fell in love with the creation process. Since then, we've  found joy in helping others to capture their special moments and memories.   

Each journal and bouquet preservation, like the flowers we use to create them, is unique. It can take hours of planning just to design one piece. We love being able to freeze these delicate pieces of nature in time, preserving their natural beauty and memories from your special day. 

We pick and press the flowers, cut the wood backings and paper to size, and bind, bind, bind! It’s a long process but extremely fulfilling. We love the idea of these journals being filled with more beauty… photos, sketches, or even one’s more inner thoughts.

Creating these journals is only the beginning of their journey, it’s up to you to complete it.. xo